The ancient texts of Ayurveda have highlighted the innumerable benefits of Guggal as both oral medicine in its powdered form or as a therapeutic aid in the form of incense sticks and cones made from its resin. Derived from the sansksrit word “guggulu” meaning protection from diseases, it is considered an allrounder as it balances all the doshas at a mind, body soul level gently and effectively.

As a fragrance, Guggal is believed to work at many levels in your living and work space:

  1. Reduces anxiety and angst. The heady notes of Guggal work to bring in a sense of soothing calm in environments where there may have been tension, grief, worry or loss.
  2. Aids sleep and works as a gentle relaxant by gently easing out fatigue caused by overthinking.
  3. Used extensively in prayers and rituals, Guggal is believed to drive negativity away with its sweet scent and usher in divine grace and good luck.
  4. Works as an insect repellant especially in the rainy months.
  5. Promotes concentration and focus on study.

One tip, too much of a good thing is never too good. I’ve discovered one small cone of Guggal is enough to bring about a burst of positivity, when burnt for hours, it can make the environment dense and cloying.

Guggal can be found as incense sticks or cones, here I prefer to use the cones by AntarKranti, as it brings a short burst of positivity.

Guggal incense cones tend to topple over, here I’ve used a tea light candle as a stabilising base.
Guggal resin can also be burnt on coals as a smudging device. Image from Deccan Herald.

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