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Does your eye always go to the purple outfits in your wardrobe? Or do you find yourself reaching out for Amethyst, Purple Agate or Violet Kunzite? Are the accents in your room in Purple? Or you find yourself buying violets or purple flowers? According the the science of Colour Healing, Psychological studies and even Metaphysics, the colour you are most drawn to reflects much more than aesthetic. Your choice of colour can reflect your state of mind, your subconscious affinity, your spirituality and even an area which may need healing.

Purple has been associated with royalty and nobility. And if you love this colour, many hypnotherapists believe you may have had a past life being royal. Western Astrologers ascribe the colour to the planet Jupiter – symbolising wisdom while the Vedic Astrologers consider it to be connected to the planets Saturn and Rahu denoting intelligence, fame and wit. Image from personal collection.
From a spiritual perspective, Purple is the colour of the Crown Chakra – the doorway to the Divine. People who love Purple may be clairvoyant or clairaudient, meditative and have an innate understanding of their spiritual purpose in life. Purple auras represent a state of oneness and connectivity with all, and Amethyst the epitome of purple crystals is believed to soothe nerves, relieve anxiety, insomnia and elevate consciousness. Image from personal collection.
For centuries spiritual healers have connected the Violet Flame with spiritual freedom, burning away karmas from previous lifetimes. And bringing a sense of equilibrium in our mind, body and souls. Violet shades bring focus, deeper insights and clarity.
Bringing elements of Purple into your decor reaffirm a sense of power, ambition and when used correctly aids concentration (especially in study areas) while Lavender promotes restful sleep in bedrooms and lounge areas. Image from women24.net

Colour affects us all the time in some way or other; from the colours we dress to enhance our image, in the way we decorate our homes and offices and can make us feel better, happy, or have a depressing affect on us. Purple as a colour is truly the colour of higher consciousness and tranquility. If you find yourself getting drawn to all shades of purple know that you’re calling is higher.

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