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The pandemic has changed us all. In the way we relate to others, in the way we connect within ourselves. And the past few days a number of people consulted the Tarot with questions about the ongoing changes in their workplace and relationships, not feeling quite right with the new status quo, enquiring about how to make things better and whether it was time for a resignation or even a break up. Tough choices that cannot always be made alone. And sometimes we all need an objective look at the situation. The theme carries forth in the days ahead as the Tarot foretells phases of introspection and taking steps to make the necessary changes. You could be updating your resume. Learning a new skill. Reaching out to contacts in other fields or industries. Or even meeting with marriage counsellors and divorce lawyers. Whatever you decide to do, the cards only suggest that you do a little more groundwork on your Life Path. And for more clarity or insights, do reach out for a personal session.

As for a little more into the week ahead, do check out the weekly horoscope on India Today. And thank you once again for all your support for the past 18 years of practice.

Wishing you a week of decisive changes.


Mita Bhan.

For appointments do leave a whatsapp message on 9810138315, a DM on Instagram (mitabhan) or email on mita.bhan@gmail.com