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Zen Deck by Daniel Levin, personal collection

“I always wanted to be a Banker, but somehow destiny found me acting in films and now here I am”

“We were childhood sweethearts and I never thought we’d meet again when he left to study overseas. But we reconnected after 30 years”

“Some things happened by accident maybe it was meant to be”

“I feel most alive while cooking for others. Is this my calling?”

Time and time again I hear these familiar phrases by people who seek out a Tarot reading. Sometimes they’re amazed by divine timing, sometimes they just know deep down that what they have found is their calling. Even if they don’t search for it, what is meant to be does have a way of finding us. Over and over again until we have no choice but to accept that what’s truly meant for us, won’t need any “effort” or “strife” It will keep finding us and each and every time, it will feel right.

Have you ever had a tryst with destiny?

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Stay well. May you find what is meant to be yours.

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