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Weekly Forecast – General 18-24 July 2021

The cards foretell a time a time to take charge and take accountability for our decisions, actions and words.No more beating around the bush. No more blame. No more dependence on things and people who have already proven themselves to be unreliable. Direct. Authentic. Honest. Assertive not aggressive. And most importantly, don’t quit now. You’ve come this far and there’s no backing out. Deeper meanings of the cards reveal a time to be responsible for more than ourselves. To expand vision towards the needs of the collective and the Planet. One doesn’t need to go into details about the effects of climate change that are currently taking place with extreme heatwaves, devastating floods and fires. But we can be more mindful about our reducing our carbon footprint as individuals.

Weekly Forecast for All Sun Signs – 18-24 July 2021


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