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Thank you all for your support and feedback. Many of you may have discovered my beginner’s attempts at making Instagram reels and have encouraged me to try more. Maybe in the days ahead, as the cards do promise a time of wrapping up pending work, completion and most importantly self reliance. When we realise that at the end of the day we have to do it for ourselves and expectations only lead to disappointment we learn the lessons of self reliance. And in the process become stronger. Independence and freedom is highlighted as we may assert our individuality in a relationship, take steps to be single again, or professionally, choose to be self employed. Whatever you choose, this week promises a sense of freedom that comes from being accountable to our own selves.

For more of what’s ahead do have a look at your weekly forecast for your sun sign here:


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Wishing you a week of great inner strength and accomplishment.

Mita Bhan