Have you ever come home from noisy traffic and rushed straight into your bedroom or bathroom for some much needed peace and quiet?

Or found yourself getting cranky by the sounds of the construction work in your neighbourhood?

Or got a weird headache from listening to your friend gossip and bitch about the people in her life?

Or kept waking up after binge watching a crime thriller on Netflix?

That’s what happens when we literally absorb and internalise discord be it in the form of loud noises, negative people and violent images. Our bodies react and we crave peace and solitude to recover from the impact. Most of the times it’s done unconsciously, we don’t even realise why we’re sighing with relief after stepping into silence. But the rest of the time we need to be mindful. About what we’re exposing our beings to. Especially our ears.

Today choose to listen to soothing and uplifting music. Let your favourite songs bring you back to balance.

Switch off the news channels.

Disconnect from the gunshots, the screams, the violence.

Surround yourself with harmonious sounds and vibrations that communicate love and peace.

Sounds good? 🙂

Wishing you a day of happy sounds of laughter and peace:)

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