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Taking accountability for our lives and our choices is something we all have to understand at some point of our lives. How much can we blame others for our situation? How much can we resist the changes around us when we ourselves continue to feel like the victim at someone else’s mercy or totally discount our existence and our current situation.

This week the cards remind you that you are being called upon to be accountable for your actions and the Universe shall judge you accordingly. If it’s time to make a tough decision, remember the responsibility lies solely on our own shoulders. If it’s time to bring back the balance, see the areas in your life that are out of whack and take necessary action. If it’s about a negotiation, or a deal, play fair as the cards speak of Karmic consequences – some of them instantaneous. Play fair, play honest, take control of our own situation. If we cannot be honest with ourselves how can we expect the world to treat us fair? We get what we give.

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Mita Bhan