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Thank you for your feedback and support down the years. The past week has peeled away many layers of deception around us and within us. Many discovered the true colours of those they were closest to or those they thought they knew. And as the trend continues, this week’s card takes it to the realm of our own Personal Truth.

Every single one of us has it. Our authentic being, which we believe in when no one is watching, when we are all by ourselves. It is the opinion we carry of our self when we look in the mirror, and the words we say to ourselves in our private moments. Do you know who you are, and are you being that person? Or are you giving your power away to others? Is your personal truth distorted? Are others controlling how you feel about yourself? In your meditative moments allow yourself to explore this.

One thing I have discovered over the years is that once you know who you really are deep within, then what others say or think doesn’t matter. Change your inner dialogue. If you keep saying “I’m not losing weight” chances are you never will. The person who says “My parents called me the problem child” will grow up believing that things are not going to be easy. The person with a strong sense and knowledge of their own personal truth will not be affected by the actions and judgements of others. They say No when they mean it instead of agreeing to something that goes against their grain.

While introspecting go inwards and find your own inner truth. It may take a few tries but when you reach that point, you’ll know it to be true by the way it feels.

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Wishing you a week of peace, productivity and inner revelations:)

Mita Bhan