A powerful anti bacterial agent, camphor crystals have been used for years to purify spaces and usher in positive energy. Extracted from the Cinammom Camphora tree, these fragrant white crystals are used during religious ceremonies. Camphor also has a number of medicinal properties including relief from joint pain, skin allergies and most popularly as a decongestant. The perfect way to soothe and heal mind, body and soul issues, here are a few times when you can burn camphor at home.

  • When you move into a new home or office. Camphor not only purifies and cleanses the environment of old, stale energies it also acts as an antibacterial agent removing germs and bacteria.
  • During flu or viral season especially when the season changes and there are bugs in the air, burning camphor daily helps protect the home and keeps insects away. Camphor is a natural decongestant and if rubbed on the chest and nose helps reduces stuffiness and congestion.
  • For pain relief and itching. Typically camphor is added in balms and creams for joint pain, fungal infections and itchiness. However, in such cases it is best to go for medically approved camphor based medication under the supervision of a doctor.
  • When you can’t sleep. Camphor essential oil or even camphor crystals in the bedroom help relieves stress and keeps the mind from overthinking. It is also known to reduce the chances of nightmares especially in young children who may be prone to night terrors.
  • When you’re anxious. Burning camphor after your morning prayers and meditations helps dispel any toxic energy from you and your surroundings. It purifies your space and works well after a fight, or an encounter with a toxic person.
  • When you’ve got money problems. Many believe camphor attracts prosperity and breaks any negativity associated with money blocks.
  • When you can’t focus on studies. Camphor is believed to aid concentration and calm and is especially good as a short term memory aide.
  • When you want to elevate your consciousness. Since camphor is associated with the sacred and divine, it is said burning camphor during meditation and prayer elevates, energises and allows for a deeper mystical connection with the Source.

As with all healing aides, camphor is best used in moderation. For medical ailments, do make sure it’s used under medical supervision. Never overdo things and ensure you wash your hands after use. Avoid ingesting camphor and do keep it away from the reach of small children. Camphor crystals and essential oils are easily available online and are fairly reasonably priced.

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