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If there is anything we need to learn again and again is to allow Love to come in and heal us. Instead of bottling up feelings, express them. Instead of retreating, emerge and connect with loved ones. Instead of clogging our minds with numbers, desires, critiques and worries, simply be and allow the power of Love to heal.

The week ahead brings our loved ones in the forefront. The souls who touch our hearts with joy and pain. Who transform us and teach us to be better humans. The one we sometimes take for granted. The ones we sometimes fight with the most. The ones who accept us for all our kinks and quirks. The ones who ask us whether we have eaten. Who understand our silences. With whom we’ve shared some precious moments. Because moments is all that we have.

Life is fleeting. Take time out to be thankful for your blessings. Appreciate and express your love to those who matter.

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Wishing you a week full of loving memorable moments.

Mita Bhan