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The other day I received an email, here’s an excerpt:

Dear Mita,

In 2008 I had consulted you and taken 3 healing crystals for a stressful time in my life. Now I have even forgotten what they were for but they helped as there is so much peace in my life now thankfully. I found them in my bedside table today and dropped them by mistake and they have chipped and cracked. Does this mean bad luck??? What do I do with the broken crystals?”

Thanks for reaching out. And I am glad the crystals brought you peace at a time you needed it. According to ancient Crystal healers, a crystal breaks, cracks, falls off the ring clasp or even shatters when it’s work was done. Not a sign of bad luck at all, just a response by the crystals who have absorbed all that they could.

What do you do with broken crystals?

These gifts from Mother Earth are happiest in their natural habitat. And the best thing you can do is to return them. You may like to spend a few moments in reflection and gratitude for the peace they brought you and then :

  1. Bury them underground. And if you’re in a high rise apartment, bury them in a potted plant.
  2. Release them in running water – river, lake, sea, ocean.

Their work was done. A new chapter begins.

Wishing you peace and good health.

Don’t throw old your old crystals please to buy new ones. Many mines have been blasted and depleted of their resources. Work with your old crystals by cleansing and energising them.

If you have any questions about your current crystals, do feel free to drop a message and if you’re on Instagram, do like and follow for more crystal tips.


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