The Mercury Retrograde hasn’t been kind to many. Sudden shocks, scandals, exposes, leaks and revelations about ourselves, the people in our lives and the prominent names who make up this world have made us question what is real and what is fake, and whether there’s truly any care left in this world. And while we’re still reeling with the information, the week ahead shows subtle changes that will traverse over many months. Towards one of grounding and stability. Learning to realise that we are ultimately responsible for where we are in terms of mental, physical and financial health and making the necessary changes to improve and take more accountability for our own selves first, before we point our fingers at another. “Put your own house in order” before you speak out. Examine your own conscience before you point out another’s act of bad karma. Clean up your own bad habits and invest in your own health. Your future self will thank you for it.

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Mita Bhan