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While studying about self healing a few years ago I had come across the concept of talking to your cells. Achievable in a meditative state, it involved focussing on the area, organ, or muscle that was hurting or diseased and literally, sending positive affirmations to that spot. Combined with energy healing techniques and approached holistically it seemed to have helped countless people around the world. Especially when viewed from the perspective of mind, body soul connections, it gave me an indepth look at why a certain illness may have manifested. The physical manifestation was the last in the process, tracing its roots to our spirit and our mind. For example, a person who represses feelings or doesnt speak out, may, over time have issues related to thyroid and a perpetual sore and painful throat.

Every part of our bodies is governed by our soul and our thoughts. And too many times when we say “Oh I have bad knees” “My digestion is not good” “I am a terrible sleeper” ‘My back is weak” we are simply prolonging and in a way worsening our ailments. But if we begin to look at our bodies as our temple, our space for healing, purification and our friends till the end and begin to send positive messages to it, our body does heal.

A couple of months ago my knees began to hurt during my daily walks. It had reached a point where I began to get so anxious about the pain, it began while I wore my shoes. A trip to the orthopaedic, follow up xrays and blood tests revealed nothing wrong. So what was I blocking? Research revealed, painful knees were atitudes I was holding onto, issues of stubborness and control, plus of course the fact that I would think “my bad knees wont let me walk for more than 2-3km” I was making things worse for myself. And so I began to talk to my knees during meditation using positive affirmations like “My knees are getting stronger each day” and “I am flexible to adapting to Life’s changes” “I let go of beliefs and atitudes that no longer serve me” and “I am willing to walk through my fears” and gradually over a couple of weeks I began to see a positive difference.

Affirmations, self talk, communicating directly to the cells may seem zany at first, but it does work. The next time you wake up with a twinge in your back, or an itch in your throat, take a few minutes to meditate and go inwards. See if you can visualise the spot which hurts and just say to yourself “I am healing” Find out what attitudes you may be holding on to, or emotions you may be suppressing. Address them. Talk about them. Let them go with love. After all, its time we all loved our self more, cells and all.

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