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“Love doesn’t ask for diamonds and pearls. Love only asks to be remembered”

While speaking to a dear friend the other day, he shared with me a beautiful ritual celebrated by his family every Diwali. Instead of exchanging gifts (half of which we don’t really need) and sweets, his family comes over for a celebratory dinner, each one bringing a candle. That is lit in memory of all the loved ones who have departed, or who couldn’t be there at the event. A simple and beautiful reminder of the flame of love that burns eternally in our hearts for the people we have loved and will continue to love. This Diwali will be quiet for many including myself as we remember the loving souls who departed this planet in the recent past. We will miss their presence, their smiles , their phone calls wishing us “Happy Diwali” and with every lamp we light, we will remember.

Wishing all a peaceful and loving Diwali. Stay safe and healthy.

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Mita Bhan