This morning while walking outdoors I saw a man heaping a whole lot of gifts into his car all set to be distributed across the city among his relatives, friends and business associates. The owner was angry and stressed and shouted at his driver for his poor packing abilities. He reprimanded the driver by reminding him how expensive the gifts were telling him over and over again that there were many expensive gifts in there.

Was he being truly generous?

Is this Diwali giving?

Over the years I have learnt, generosity has nothing to do with lavish gifts. It’s got to do with your heart. The most generous people I have ever met were not rich. They didn’t give me expensive presents, they gave me their time, their shoulder, their encouragement and support, they defended me, praised me and corrected me when I was wrong. They showered me with honesty, understanding my quirks. And not once did they speak of their selves and their struggle.

They gave from a heart that was full, without expectations.

They gave because they wanted to, and it meant something to them.

That to me is true generosity. To all the people who give of themselves so freely and abundantly may you be blessed. May we all learn from your generous souls.

Wishing all a peaceful and loving Diwali. Stay safe and healthy.

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Mita Bhan