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Looking back, the lockdown put a pause button in our lives, at the point which needed our attention. For some of us it was facing and fighting our fears. For some of it was a complete reorientation to an unfamiliar existence. And for some of us it was the start of the most important relationship of our lives, the one we have with ourselves. And while it did make us ponder, it also left many of us caught in a loop. And as the restrictions eased, many went overboard, partying every night, clicking on daily apps for a new face almost every day, dining out at favourite spots with no stop signs to prevent us.

But till when.

As the energies peak and fall, the cards remind us it’s now time for balance. We can’t have it all, and we can’t live in extremes of all or nothing (much as some of us would like to). If we want happiness and good health, we have to consciously bring in the balance. Be it in terms of food, drink, exercise, meditation, or in our work-home life and even relationships.

As the energies shift, the cards remind us to take note of all the areas in our that are off balance and begin to make the needed changes consciously.

Deciding on what to hold on to. And what to let go.

Choosing family time and work time.

Indoors and outdoors.

Junk food and healthy food.

The list goes on.

Wishing you a week of peace as you consciously create your midpoint of happiness.

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Mita Bhan