Happy Children’s Day!

Today’s the day when children across India are showered with love and honoured for being in that special phase of life where everything is discovery, learning, living in the present moment and simply having fun.

Playing is integral to childhood and these tiny, chubby, cute, shrieky, wriggly, shouty, naughty beings remind us just how important it is to take time out from the endless uphill stress and struggle of adult life and play. We are most alive when we play.

Albert Einstein once said he wished he had played more. Leonard Da Vinci made it a regular practice to play outdoors with his neighbourhood kids.

Science has revealed that adults who took time out to play daily for a few minutes are more peaceful, intelligent, creative and balanced. Even if it’s for a few minutes online, or a quick game of rock-paper-scissors with your child, or making lego houses.

So if there’s anything I’d recommend you do today on Children’s Day is to play with a child or pet, and if you don’t have children around, you pamper the child in you

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Wishing you a week full of moments of play. Stay safe.

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