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We are living in historical times. The Pandemic has altered our reality in multiple ways, changed our consciousness and brought life lessons our way, stuff we had to learn as a collective and as individuals. One major life lesson we may have all learnt is how quickly things can change in a second. Literally, as parts of the world open up their borders and bring back normalcy to daily life, while other nations suddenly clamp down and take measures to isolate, confine and heal. And internally as our consciousness moves to adaptability and as the cards suggest, one of movement.

From one state of mind to another. As parts of our being wake up. And parts of our memories are discarded. The Past is where it belongs, behind us. Old attitudes are dropped. And old wounds are forgiven. We have to move along, we have to move on.

From one shore to another. With a lot more travel. With baby steps towards healing and recovery. With the laying down of new strategies in terms of public health, travel and import-export regulations, Sudden prosperity in new emerging markets and greater digitisation of systems. Trans-national collaborations and sharing of medical discoveries and greater research into other forms of diseases which may be water borne.

Reunions with loved ones far away. Relocations. Short business trips. Setting plans in motion. Long distance relationships. Greater earnings. New sources of income. Letting go of the past. Taking the future moment, by moment with a sense of practicality and compassion for the other.

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Bon Voyage. Stay safe all.

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