Trusted by the Native Americans for centuries as a healing and purifying aide, burning sage or smudging as it’s called is something we can all do to purify, cleanse and heal our spaces and our souls. Like incense and essential oils, it’s distinctive mellow fragrance and smoke brings with numerous benefits, of which I’ve mentioned three below.
Sage can be burnt anytime. However it is recommended before you move into your new house or office. After someone has been sick. If family members have been arguing a lot lately, or having a poor circadian cycle or there’s just a dense, gluggy vibe in the air you want to dispel.
Here I’ve used White Sage from Mexico which can be used for smudging healing crystals, objects, doorways and stagnant energy spaces ( for example, behind or under furniture)
Sage has a sweet and mellow smell and is known to enhance tranquility while meditating. Personally I just feel a little lighter with sage while my son smiles and goes ‘mmmm’
Om Swasitatsu – may all who come here and see this be blessed with good health and happiness.

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