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As the world slowly starts readjusting its settings to the new normal so do we as individuals and as a collective, we gradually let go of a lot of behaviour and atitudes which held us back before the pandemic began. Trends of movement, reconnection and reunions continue as people travel more and more, as families reunite after months and the bonds of long distance relationships deepen. Parts of the world shut down suddenly as precautions increase. Expect to hear of new global realignments in terms of new energy sources, technology, medical developments and most importantly climate change. There’s a “can do” spirit that’s emerging, one that can only come from a space of having seen the worst. A tiny voice that whispers of overcoming whatever challenges surround us, inculcating greater compassion for the suffering of others. And as a young lady said to me “I’m spending 3x the amount on travel to meet with family after 3 years, and it’s worth it”

Stay safe all. Enjoy the reunions and the reconnection.

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Mita Bhan. 2021