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This morning’s session was with a highly intelligent and driven young woman who had worked her way up the ladder in a global investment firm. Her question was simple.

“My next goal is to lead the company, how do I get there?

The card of Good Deeds emerged. Her path to greater reward lay in her ability to perform acts of service, do charitable acts and do good with no expectation of gratitude, applause or appreciation. Why, because at a certain level it would a teach her to think and act like a true leader (who cares more for the benefit of the company and its people rather than his/her own ego) and also reward her with the blessings from the Universe. The more we give, the more we receive.

While many others would have said they didn’t have enough to spare for the poor, the helpless and the needy, or would have ignored this card, this young lady understood in seconds and spoke of making a regular practice to donate for a cause she believed in, which she felt was not receiving enough aid for their good work. God Bless her heart and I pray she reaches her goal.

The person who does a truly good deed does not talk about it, keeps no count, seeks no applause or likes for it and doesn’t even remember it. And yet that simple act regardless of how small, is never wasted. According to the ancient Vedas, we are where we are because of the good deeds performed in previous lifetimes, and what we do (not what we say we will do) is a measure of future blessings.

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Mita Bhan. 2021