Have you ever found yourself in the corridor between 2 doorways. That mid point in the passage, where you know the door you left behind can no longer be entered, and the door ahead of you seems so unreal and unfamiliar. Or when you buy a new phone that’s more advanced and spend the first few days fumbling, relearning and getting used to new technology.

That’s what transition feels like.

Change is the event. Transition is our response to the change.

Transition points are temporary states before we settle into a new pattern of thinking or routine. It can involve a lot of processing of the past for one final time before we let go. And if we go beyond the discomfort, we discover we are allowing ourselves to unlearn and relearn a lot about life. There may be difficult parts, uncomfortable and painful parts as we look back on the closed door. But there is also a sense of excitement that comes from encountering the new and unfamiliar.

As we wrap up the year, recognise where you may be in transit, or where you may have already moved on. Acknowledge how far you have come, and realise that the future is not a scary place, it is only another state of being.

Wishing you a week of positive growth and experiences. Stay safe.

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Mita Bhan 2021