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The warm, heady fragrance of Loban (benzoin) reminds me of the poojas in my grandmother’s house. This ancient purifier with its intense smoke has been an intrinsic part of rituals from Ancient India. However as caution it should not be used by those with asthma and respiratory ailments.
Easily available in the form of Cones, Resin Crystals and Incense sticks, Loban is relatively inexpensive and available online or in pooja shops. I have found the Antarkranti cones to be the best and my tiny way of showing support to the prisoners who are being reformed and rehabilitated. Read more about them here https://www.antarkranti.org/
Deep sigh of relief. Place incense cones in a ceramic dish to prevent ash falling out and it looks prettier as well:)
Loban is a great purifier during exams or after a party at home as it removes dull, stagnant vibes. However, because of it’s intense smoke and fragrance it’s best to burn it once every season rather than daily or frequently.

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