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Happy 2022 all and thank you for your support and encouragement. Here’s a few insights into the year ahead based on current energy patterns.

2020 was the turning point.

2021 the rollercoaster.

2022 the train changes track.

Expect sudden shifts in energies. Plans could change at a moment’s notice. Something that starts off well could fizzle out and something that was shrinking shows signs of recovery and promise.  As the variant creates havoc initially, expect sudden restrictions and equally sudden easing of restrictions nationally and internationally. Take precautions. And remain open minded.

Speaking Out & Medical Tech Breakthroughs

Globally, voices will no longer be silenced. The cards foretell a time of speaking out your personal truth and revelations on a larger scale. Collective groups will connect, protest and demand an audience and create a shift in the thinking of the majority. Exposes of scandals and sting operations, demands for greater rights and concessions. Strikes. Rallies. And fresh young voices will be heard as activists or creators. Creative genius will be recognized. Breakthrough technology in apps, communication devices, operating systems and medical research. Events concerning real estate, properties, allotment of land takes a surprising twist. Infrastructure especially in road, telecom and power witness upgrades and greater employment opportunities.

Compassionate Connections & Collaborations

On the personal front, the human race finds itself virtually connected like never before. With the effects of climate change becoming more visible, with the see saws in the markets and economies, more trans global collaborations and talks will be seen to find solutions – short term and long term. International partnerships and alliances are highlighted, along with renewed trade deals and collaborations in the sphere of sustainability, climate change, medical knowledge and greater sharing. Acts of great philanthropy and generosity win the hearts of many while at another level, a practice or event involving children will unite the world sparking debate, discussion and relief work.

Dream it. Do it. Moving Forward with Sheer Willpower

First there’s strife, then there’s struggle and then comes a path. Re-evaluation of  goals are highlighted. A strong survivor spirit emerges in the collective along with a willingness to find hidden opportunities and blessings in every situation. Moments of confusion followed by absolute clarity of intention and purpose. Things work out better than anticipated, recoveries show hope despite fluctuations and delays, as long the will is strong.

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Mita Bhan 2022