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Considered to be one of the most luxurious oils in aromatherapy, Neroli essential oil is used extensively in healing and in skin care.
A personal favourite a few whiffs of pure essential oil and Iā€™m smiling:) Apart from being an uplifting top note, Neroli essential oil works in its gentle and sweet way to reduce pain, suffering, exhaustion and hormone related moods. It blends beautifully with other oils but can be used as is in an aroma burner. Note of caution – Avoid Neroli if you have a citrus allergy and if you need to be alert Eg during an exam as it can make you a little drowsy. And remember aromatherapy is a slow, gentle treatment best used along with allopathy and if not sure, check with your primary doctor.
Wishing you happiness šŸ™‚

Mita Bhan 2022