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When we all learnt how to walk how many times did we wobble and fall.

How many elders came rushing to our rescue? How many voices reminded us that it was just a fall, to get up and keep going.

Some falls were bad, we bawled our heads off.

But we did get up and kept moving.

Sometimes we felt like our legs were made of jelly, but with a helping hand,

we did get up and kept moving.

The cards remind us to find our balance more so in this fortnight. To find our centre. To find the mid point between giving and receiving, sleeping and awakening, caring and being cared for, to practice moderation while eating or drinking. Energies are recalibrating again and again. If you fall, get back up, if you get up, help another get back up. Be mindful about communication devices, documents, delays and anything related to Mercury Retrograde till the 3rd of February. Move slowly. But keep moving.

Stay safe and healthy all.

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