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All of us want change in some form or the other. Someone wants to leave the company and launch a start up. Someone wants to take a break from work and study again. Someone wants to walk away from a toxic relationshp. Someone wants a divorce. Someone wants to break free from the stagnancy of their lives. Someone wants to lose weight. Someone wants to double their income. Someone wants to travel. And every dream has the potential of coming true, but depends entirely on the steps taken. Taking action. It can seem hard at first when you think about all the changes you need to make, all the preparation required but the reality remains, the dream stays in our head unless and until we take action.

This weeks cards remind us that if you want change, you need to take action now. Even if it’s a small step. Stop dreaming stop talking and start doing. Even if it feels scary at first. It is and will be in the right direction and when better than now?

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Mita Bhan 2022