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When you want to stay confused, you will. When you keep saying “you don’t know” you never find out. But when you set out with an intent to seek clarity and truth, you always find it. This week’s cards highlight one of the basic principles behind the philosophy of the Tarot. To find meaning that is simple, that is true and relevant to the present moment. Many a times the cards won’t tell us what we’d love to hear, but instead highlight what we need to hear or know. Clarity is the moment of knowing, sometimes it appears after a period of struggle, sometimes like the voice inside us and it has a way of coming in when we want it. This week, seek clarity in your Life’s journey. Seek clarity at work, and in your relationships. Ask the questions to yourself and to others. Dig deep and do some research if you need to. The answers are all there around us and within us, we just need to want to find them.

Weekly Tarot Forecast


My apologies as the last few words of Aquarius have been missed – here’s the complete version.

You may find yourself agitated by people who promise and then fail to deliver and you may be stressed by a recurring physical ailment. In spite of all obstacles, you will confront issues head-on and tackle every crisis one by one. As a card of necessary change, you may find yourself having to deal with unpleasantness for one last time before things improve. Guard yourself against envious and spiteful people. Not everyone is happy about your successes and it’s best to keep some matters totally private. Though you may be tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine, it’s best to take the high road. A short break from the daily routine is just what your soul needs, so start putting self care first.

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Mita Bhan 2022