When my dad chose to do his MBA in his fifties people laughed at him. They said “what’s the use of studying now?” He said he was curious about the subject and did his distance learning late at night his bedside strewn with books. On the day of his final exam he made sure his pencil box was well stocked and he drove extra early to take his exam. We smiled at his eccentricity but little did we know that adult learning would be a necessity someday.

3 decades later, scientists around the world have proven that adult learning is the best anti ageing remedy for our brains for life. By learning something new everyday.

Even if it’s a new exercise for your upper body. Or a new take on your favourite recipe. Or a subject that fascinates you. Learning a new skill, practice, hobby or language enhances concentration and memory at a physical level and it enables growth and relevance on the professional front.

If there’s anything I have learnt from my Dad never let your age come in the way of learning. At 85, he’s currently experimenting with gifs and stickers in his WhatsApp chats with his Uni buddies.

Mita Bhan 2022