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Once a middle aged man prayed to the Buddha, kneeling at the altar, tears flowing from his eyes.

“Why am I always so broke. Everyone I know is holidaying in exotic locations, carrying the latest phones, driving swanky cars, wearing trendy clothes. And look at me, slogging in this 9-5 job, paying bills and more bills feeling hated by everyone. Why?”

After a brief pause he heard a voice coming deep from his heart.

“Because you don’t know how to give”

“I barely have any money left at the end of the month! I can’t afford lavish parties and presents! What can I give?”

“You can give your smile to someone who’s having a hard day. You can give your strength to someone who’s struggling with a heavy shopping bag. You can give compassion to someone who is suffering. You can give your support to someone who’s down on confidence. You can give a hug to your ageing mother. You can give your time to volunteer for a cause you believe in. You can give applause to someone else. You can give cold water to a thirsty soul while driving to work. There’s a lot you can give”

“But what do I get in return”

This time there was silence. And a strange joyous, fulfilling feeling engulfed his heart melting away his misery. The man understood.

May the Vesak /Buddh Purnima/Flower Moon and today’s rare Lunar Eclipse bring you peace and happiness.

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