Long long time ago there lived a little girl who was afraid. She never dared to step out and lived in the shadows. Her friends and family tried to call her out but she refused to move and instead watched the world go by through a tiny window in her room.
One day a yellow flower caught her eye, blossoming in the garden across her street – its yellow petals captivated her and left her amazed as it would move its head towards the sky following the sun. She was spellbound for days by this bold flower and longed to see it close up and caress its petals. “Is it fragrant?” She wondered as she lay in bed.

That night she had a dream that she was walking in a field full of these amazing flowers. She heard the sounds of joyous laughter and a voice said “Stand tall and strong and keep your eyes on the sun. You’ll never be afraid again”

The next morning as the sunlight streamed in her room, beams of light dancing on her face, she awoke, remembering her dream.

With a smile on her face and her heart beating fast, she opened the door and stepped outside to the park.

Where she was greeted by not one but dozens of flowers laughing as they welcomed her.

Mita Bhan 2022