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To honour World Environment Day I pulled out a few cards about the future of this Earth if we continue to live as if we are the only species that matters. Our generation has caused the maximum destruction of our environment than ever before. One doesn’t even need to go into details about how much we waste, destroy and take for granted in our daily lives – squandering precious resources like water while millions walk for miles with an empty bucket in hand.

Without going into the gory details of the Tarot reading for the future of this planet, I decided to skip to the part that was relevant with a question

“How can we help protect our Environment?”

Mindfulness begins with awareness.

Awareness that the Environment needs every little positive thought and positive action by everyone of us if we want to preserve what we have and pass on a legacy of pure, clean, natural living to our future generations. It’s not the Government’s job. It’s not someone else’s responsibility. It’s ours. As a collective. To do our bit to save water, not pollute, avoid plastics, reduce wastage, recycle. To look beyond our own selves.

Wishing everyone not only a day of mindfulness awareness towards your own carbon footprint but to a lifetime of care for our Earth.

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Mita Bhan 2022