One day an older lady came to meet the wise sage. She hobbled up to him slowly with the aid of an attendant and a walking stick. Upon seeing her, the sage rose with his hands folded offering her his seat.
“How can I help you?” he asked her, after waiting for her to settle down and catch her breath. She smiled and said “I have only come to thank you. The last time you met me I was crying about being alone and ignored by my own children. I was lost. And you told me I needed to find myself but I could only do that by losing something.

For several weeks I wondered what did I have to lose? My keys? My home? My mind? In my search to find out what I needed to lose I forgot about waiting for my children to remember me. I lost track of all the people who didn’t answer my calls. I lost my need to expect so much from my family and friends. I started finding myself.”Her eyes shone as she spoke “and you know what, some started remembering me without reminders. I feel so free now”
The Sage met her eyes, and raised his arms as if he were flapping his wings. The old lady joined in. Her laughter was as pure as childs.

Mita Bhan 2022