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Some people thrive on routine. Some people get bored. Some people complain about it. Some people do something to bring change in their life. Anything that will shift the stagnant energy to something more exciting and dynamic. And though it feels weird initially, it soon becomes the new norm. This week’s cards urge us all to try something different.

A makeover.

A new fitness routine.

A new cuisine.

A new route to your home.

A midnight picnic.

A weekend getaway.

A new hobby.

A new language.

A new acquaintance.

A new colour for your walls.

A new diet.

The minute we experiment with something new, our brain chemistry changes. We grow. We discover new things instead of expecting the same old stuff.

And suddenly life is anything but boring.

Wishing everyone new discoveries, experiments and inventions!

Your Week Ahead


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Mita Bhan 2022