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“Why can’t you be like the other girls?”

“Go play with the other children, don’t be reading that book!”

“Stop doing things for attention”

“It’s just a movie. Men don’t cry”

“All the time singing and dancing. When will you get a life?”

“Don’t you get bored of meditating?”

One of the things that fascinates me about life is how we are all unique, and yet deep down we are all the same. Too many times while growing up, we have heard voices telling us to conform, to be like the other kids, and too many times we grow up to be adults who try so hard to please other people, aspiring to be someone else’s idea of perfection. Not realising that the thing that sets us apart from others, is what makes us interesting and valuable to this world. By embracing our uniqueness, we can realize our potential for greatness. Not always easy as many will tell you, choosing to be different does come with a price. It takes courage, resilience and self knowing. And a different level of peace that comes from a space of authenticity.

Wishing you a week of being true to you!”

The Week Ahead for your Sun Sign


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