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When we choose to the focus on the glaring faults of a coworker, family member or friend we find ourselves constricted, annoyed, drained or just wanting to get away. But when we choose to direct our attention to common experiences, shared qualities or just similar tastes, we relax and step into a space of harmony with them. This week brings forth all the relationships in our life we need to heal, mend, tolerate, accept or understand. With some relationships, it may be time to just say goodbye. With others, things begin to feel better when we understand why they’ve come into our lives, what karma we may need to clear with them and how things can get better. And we accept our own human-ness and our own flaws and contradictions. Things always work both ways.

Wishing you a week full of harmony and loving relationships.

The Week Ahead for your Sun Sign


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Mita Bhan 2022