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the secret to living well is eat half, walk double,laugh triple and love without measure’ tibetan proverb

If there’s any word that’s being used liberally of late it’s the word “toxic” another word for poison or harmful. People are talking about toxic relationships, toxic work culture, toxic environments, toxic substances and we all know what it’s doing to our Lives. What we need more of in our lives is ways to detox, purify, cleanse. It’s easy to blame, point, walk away from the toxic, but are we truly free from the toxins? In some ways too we are all equally responsible for the toxicity with our own traits, thoughts, habits, behaviour patterns and addictions.

This week’s cards urges us all to step towards the path of purification. In whatever way you resonate with it. Do you need to drink more water? Do you need to eat more vegetables. Give up smoking or drinking? Exercise a little more? Meditate regularly? Not indulge in gossip and negative talk? Do more voluntary work? Be more charitable? It starts with by reflecting on the toxicity within us all, becoming aware of it. And then making an active effort to purify our own mind, body and souls.

“Purity is light. Not just an ordinary light. But a transcendental light” Lenz

The Week Ahead for your Sun Sign


Mita Bhan 2022