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Without joy, life just wouldn’t worth it. Joy gives texture, meaning and purpose to our lives. And from what I have learnt, the truest source of this momentary feeling of happiness is inside. Nobody can bring me happiness but myself. Nobody can make me miserable but myself. Joy has something pure and inoccent about it. And it’s a question of finding it in my daily life. Maybe it’s the cool breeze at dawn. Maybe it’s the look on my child’s face when he’s had a great evening with his friends. Maybe it’s the smell of freshly brewed tea. Joy is always within all of us, it’s a question of searching for it, some days we have to delve deeper to find it, some days it just appears.If we pay attention, we can find joy in the most simple things or in the most usual experiences.

Wishing everyone a week full of joy. You deserve it.

Week Ahead for Your Sun Sign


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Mita Bhan 2022