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“Hi can the Tarot tell me what’s missing in my life? For 20 years I was a successful Art Director I was the name behind some of the biggest ad campaigns in the country. Everyday I’d get a job offer to join the competition at double my salary. Then covid came and I got retrenched.” His voice softened. “Everything has changed now. Im freelancing like a flunkie..” He paused “I drink I smoke I feel wasted, out of sync with the world and im turning into this robot. My kids have their friends, my wife has her own job and ageing parents to care about. It’s like there’s so much to do but at the end of the day im so empty.

What can I do to make my life a little more positive?”

His cards were clear. And he echoed the voices of so many. Who got lost in the rat race, chasing money, fame, likes and follows but felt numb inside. It was time to restart. But it wasn’t going to be overnight. It was time to start simple, by doing one thing that brought him happiness. A hobby, a service, an activity? Something that gave him a reason to get out of bed each morning. Easy to say hard to do I added. He thought about it and replied “I’ve been wondering if I should go back to football again. I’m no Messi or Maradona but I watch the condo kids play and dream about how much fun it would be to coach them in the evenings some of them are pretty good…” His voice trailed off with a renewed sense f hope.

6 months later he sent me WhatsApp message of a mini football tournament he’d coached and organised for the condo kids. One of his clients had sponsored their T-shirts and some of his former ad colleagues had even designed a logo for them.

Made my day😊And I hope it made yours. Just by doing one thing he loved daily he had made his life so much more meaningful and positive. Easy to say hard to do. But so worth it!

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