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Recent planetary shifts and natural disasters like earthquakes, incessant rain and floods have left many of us reeling with the impact. Coupled with our own daily habits, especially those among us who sleep too little, don’t exercise enough, or face a lot of brain fog, this week’s card stresses on the importance of Grounding for all of us. Staying connected with our inner selves, finding that space of balance and stability, and most importantly connecting more with our only real home, Planet Earth. If we don’t start taking care of ourselves and our environment, who will? It’s time to think about our carbon footprints, time to think about what we can do to bring back a sense of balance in our lives and the world around us. For more on Grounding you may like to read


Thank you for all your feedback and support for the weekly forecasts. Keeps me going after 19+ years of Tarot. I wish you all a week of peace, productivity and mindfulness.

India Today Weekly Horoscope for All Sun Signs


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