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When something broke I would almost always throw it away. But when I bought this little figurine I couldn’t bring myself to put it in the trash. There was something so peaceful about it, I decided to practice a little Kintsugi with some superglue, and alas no gold paint.

Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese technique that stems from the Wabi Sabi philosophy which teaches us to embrace and accept the imperfections and flaws of living. It gives you permission to be yourself without trying to be super perfect and teaches us that all things, including us and life itself, are impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect. According to Kintsugi, the marks of wear and tear and use of any object are held in high regard and considered aesthetic, thereby giving birth to this beautifully empowering and artistic concept.

Kintsugi reminds us that there is great beauty in broken things because scars tell a story. They demonstrate fortitude, wisdom, and resilience, earned through the passage of time. What’s the point in hiding a scar or a flaw, when they actually make things more beautiful and real?

More on this later:)

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