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From the first moment they walked in I sensed their hunger. The gnawing, growling feeling inside this couple that wasn’t satisfied and wanted more out of life. More money. A higher status. A bigger car. And all the bling they could possible have. They’d left their old life in a small town behind and were ready to make a killing in real estate in the capital. And their questions too were all about the money, always. A lot of analysis about potential business deals. Which one will work out which one will not. Which politician should they befriend. Who would pay up. Whether they’d be rich, again and again, reading after reading.

One fine day, the Wheel of Fortune appeared in their spread. Smiles were shared. And what was revealed was a lucky phase for them. A rare card, it spoke of prosperity and good luck. But, only for a short while. So it would be wiser to plan the finances better and put the surplus profits to good use and even consider sponsoring a charity they’d believe in. They laughed at the suggestion, “why should I share my hard earned wealth with the lazy scoundrels?” They left happy and sure enough the good times began to roll. Soon I heard they had moved into a spacious condo, upgraded their cars, hired more staff, and disappeared to exotic locations frequently to enjoy the money.

About two years later they returned furious. The wealth had all gone. Bad business deals cost them their luxury condo, their wife’s jewellery. They had to fire all their staff. Their children who had gotten used to the good life, refused to work. The wife was working part time nearby. The debts had piled up and the bad financial planning left them scrambling to meet ends. There was anger in their eyes “BUT YOU SAID WHEEL OF FORTUNE WAS LUCKY”

“Only for a while. What goes up, has to come down. The Wheel of Fortune always turns, sometimes it’s up for a while and then it goes down.”

They left the office bickering, grumbling, kicking things along the way while waiting for their Uber to show up.

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