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Today’s card reminds you of your own inner light. Your personal energy field. It is a reminder to you to shine so brightly regardless of the negativity you may have encountered or faced and to become aware of who takes your light and who adds to it.

Your energy is precious, be aware of it, protect it. Recognise the activities or the people who trigger you and drain you. The minute you find yourself getting negatively affected by someone who complains all the time, who doesn’t see the positive, step away and regroup yourself. Reach out and reconnect with the most positive sources of energy you can find in your life. People who love you unconditionally. Music. A walk in nature. Being among babies and animals. Spending time in worship. Whatever raises your vibe. Think of how much energy you save when you don’t waste time on the negative.

 Move forward, you control your life, it does not control you.

Wishing you a week of pure positivity and protection.

India Today Weekly Horoscope for All Sun Signs


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