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She was a highly successful GM of a huge company with multiple responsibilities and multiple accolades under her belt. But her heart was constantly on the search.. She would keep seeking out reading after reading from anyone she could find who could read Astrology/Numerology/Tarot/Runes to find out if she would ever get married. 

She searched online and finally found someone she thought would be Mr Right. He’d just come back from USA, was working in a multinational and was too good to be true. He picked her up and dropped her to work, sent her flowers, and was always eager to spend the weekend at her place. 

“Everyone I have consulted says he will marry me. What do YOU think Mita?” 

With the 7 of Quills, I could only think conman, liar, thief and told her to mind the red flags and take her time before rushing to tie the knot. She laughed and rolled up her eyes at the reading and left.

A few weeks later she was back.

Ever since she started nudging him toward a commitment he’d been evasive. He called her once saying his shipment had come from USA but the bank was’nt transferring his savings, so could she pay the Transport costs and he would pay her back later. She transferred the money and he thanked her profusely. And then disappeared.

While she went back to all the numerologists/readers/astrologers asking if he would return. Still in denial about the money.

“Yes he will reconnect. But there may be an unpleasant shock around the corner”.”

Again she rolled up her eyes at the cards, content with the knowledge that he would return.

Several weeks later she was back. The radiance was gone. She looked gaunt, drained of her life force, slightly dishevelled and in dire need of sleep.

“He did meet me. He came over and spent the weekend with me while his apartment was getting renovated. Left really early saying he had a meeting. Wouldn’t let me drop him to work, acted strange, as if he was in a hurry. He didn’t even hug me good bye. Something didn’t feel right. Was he lying?” she mumbled on, a little dazed by recent events.

“I called up the company where he worked. They said they had never heard of him. I called up the company’s headquarters in Europe and they had never heard of him either. I opened my wardrobe and found my gold jewellery was missing. Every single thing my mom gave me when she died he took and disappeared”

Sadly she never did find him or get her jewellery back. He turned out to have a fake identity and never to be found. However as she admits, this was a lesson for her to take her time before giving too much of herself to online love. And may we all learn from her experience that what appears online may not necessarily be real. Always, pay attention to the red flags. Always.

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