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When we are younger there’s so much pressure to be like our peers. To listen to the same music. To speak the same language. To wear the latest fashion. To vibe similarly. As we grow older we understand our own strengths and uniqueness. And slowly begin to accept that which makes us different from the others. This process of discovery can be painful but also revelatory. I remember how people would mimic my accent. Or mock me for being “introverted” as if it was a bad thing not to want to party every night. Or insist I drink alcohol, despite the fact I said I didn’t like the flavour. Even choosing to take the alternative path of Tarot and Healing way back in 2001 was considered offbeat when everyone else I knew was in the corporate world. It’s taken me years to embrace my quirks and choices and in the process I’ve learnt to experience a different kind of freedom, by just being me.

Fortunately in 2023 the world has changed tremendously. Buzzwords like “Be YOU” “Be Yourself” have become mantras for living. Inclusivity of gender, disability, work choices, colour, sexuality are more the norm globally. The world has become more accepting of our individual differences. The individual is celebrated and independent thought is considered necessary. Maybe not everywhere, but it’s certainly a growing trend. And I pray it continues long after I am on this planet.

And that’s what the card for the week suggests.

Cherish and love what makes you different.

Self worth comes from deep inside, not others people opinions, likes and follows.

Know that you are here for a purpose – nothing is random.

“What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special.” Morris Dees

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