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If there’s anything we’ve learnt from living with the Pandemic in the past 4 years is that we cannot take our health for granted. Needless to say a lot of us are struggling with post covid effects, declined immune systems and sudden bouts of anxiety or depression. Every day I hear of younger and younger people falling prey to stress related ailments, cardiac issues or burning out with the pressures of work and the fear of layoffs. While some of us have just blocked the whole phase out of our lives and are desperately trying to act “normal” This week’s cards reminds us to be mindful. Care about your mental and physical health. Don’t take things for granted. Ask for help when you need it. Be patient with yourself if you are healing and understand this is something that’s truly in our hands. This is a week to leave the baggage behind and take steps towards your health. And it can only start when we pay attention to our body signals and our thoughts. Enough nagging.

Stay healthy everyone. And wishing those who who are on the path to recovery a speedy journey.

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