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“Boundaries are a necessary part of self care. They are healthy, normal and necessary” – Doreen Virtue

“My best friend is having an affair with another friend. I am willing to keep their secret but now I literally get a stomach ache every time they call me with a problem”

“Why does he only connect with me when he wants something from me? Why is he never available when I need him?”

“After my brother in law moved in after his divorce, everything has changed, it’s like he’s taken over our house, we have no privacy left”

“First she wanted me to help her, then she wanted me to help her sister, then she wanted me to help her neighbour. I can’t keep doing this!”

If any of the above statements sounds familiar, it’s the words of people who are suffering because of weak or non existent boundaries. We’ve all been there at some point or the other. When out of love, family duty or politeness we’ve allowed someone to take far more than they give in return and ended up feeling drained and resentful. Perhaps we didn’t set limits earlier on in the relationship, or we realised halfway through that they were using us.

This week’s cards comes as timely reminder to claim your boundaries.

Define your personal space for work, play and relaxation.

Keep to the boundaries you have created and be careful who you let in.

Are they empowering you or tiring you?

Time for a little polite firmness. And also a little self evaluation of the times when you may be overstepping on someone else’s boundaries. And one little note to add. If they suddenly throw a tantrum because of the boundaries you’ve suddenly set, it’s clear you should have set the boundaries earlier.

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