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“Old souls are usually childlike in many ways, having the playfulness and simplicity of children, while maintaining a certain world-weariness and deep insight.”- don Mateo Sol

Old souls are special. They have an air about them that reveals that they have lived many many more lifetimes. Some say they have less karma to clear. Some say they are here for a special purpose. Some believe they are an incarnation of a universal force. But almost all believe they share certain traits that make them stand apart from the rest of their peers.

I still remember the 5 year old who was petting one of the streetcats I fed, she said to me “you know from the eyes of this cat I can see that she has seen God”

Or my then 7 year old son who remarked at my Uncle’s funeral “why are all of you crying? He’s gone to be with God”

Or a talented 20 something singer who spoke to me about the various butterflies she would see daily and displayed a deep connectivity with all of creation.

Or the teenager who walked a little distance away from his classmates during the hiking trip, collecting leaves and seeds while the rest grumbled about aching legs.

Or the 30 year old who quit his job in the bank to teach village kids in the remotest of areas, content with 2 sets of clothes and a jacket.

They may appear young in human years. But in soul years, I know they’ve been here for thousands of lifetimes. And as the Universe only knows, there has to be a reason why.

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