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Too often I find myself reading the Tarot of people who have completely ignored their own selves. All their questions revolve around other people – spouses, lovers, children, friends, bosses, coworkers, but nothing about themselves. They’ve forgotten their own needs. And they’re tired as hell. All that giving, caring, worrying about other does take its toll on our mental and physical health if we don’t balance bring in a balance between others and us as individuals.

If we want to maintain a positive lifestyle in a world that at times seems so difficult and negative at times, we need to start with our own self care. Most of us are feeling the stresses of having to manage full time jobs, children, ageing parents and not to mention the endless list of household chores. And sooner or later we start feeling the symptoms of stress – recurring headaches, an aching neck, elevated blood pressures, a sensitive gut, negative thoughts – to name a few.

This week’s energy shifts reveal we may be a lot more sensitive or vulnerable to the current energy shifts.

Pay attention to when your body says you’ve had enough.

Notice who drains your energies and who uplifts you.

Realise when an environment at home or office has turned too toxic and you need to distance yourself.

Boost your immune system.

Make time. Get up half an hour earlier and do something special for yourself.

Walk, meditate, listen to music, potter about, sit in the balcony with your cup of tea.”

Do it for YOU.

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